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Care Instructions


We at Sami & Sita take great pride in our reputation for quality; beautifully made garments, manufactured locally using the finest quality unique fabrics, made from delicate natural fibres. It is important to lovingly care for your garment and follow the care and washing instructions on the care label located on the inside left seam of your garment.

Many of our silks, cottons and linens can be hand washed, whilst some of our more delicate fabrics are dry clean only. Our luscious wool cashmere coats are always to be Dry cleaned only or spot cleaned using a clean damp cloth.

Always take your dress to a reputable dry cleaner.


Hand washing:

  • Use cool or lukewarm water
  • Pre dissolve washing powder
  • Do not soak for prolonged periods
  • lie flat to dry away from direct sunlight
  • Never tumble dry
  • Never use hot water
  • Group similar wash care garments into whites, darks and colours
  • Never ever machine wash a silk garment



  • Don't squeeze or wring cotton, silks and wools.
  • Lightly steam or Warm iron delicate fabric
  • Iron/ steam taking care of delicate trims and finishes.
  • Don't iron trims or prints.
  • Iron on the reverse.